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You will receive exclusive TikTok Marketing Training Video Series for your business. Learn how to create a tiktok account, build your audience and market your business to the tiktok community. Over 2 hours of video courses will teach you to master tiktok and how you will be able to earn money.

You will also receive banner and ad credits to promote your business within our website to other members in our community. Crypto, Credit/Debit and Cashapp is accepted.

You will also receive rewards by sharing our program with others.


Our TikTok Board Pay Plan


Automatic Upgrade - Automatic Re-Entry - Sponsor Bonuses - Instant Payment Bonuses

Total Rewards:



When you cycle out of TikTok Board 2, you will get a free entry to our Canva Board 1 and receive our Canva Templates plus our social media pack. You will also receive banner and text ad credits.

Automatic Upgrade, Automatic Re-Entry plus sponsor bonuses. Check out the payplan down below for more information.

payplan table

This Pay Plan uses a company forced structure. Anyone who invites anyone would fall in the overall company matrix. No missing spots, first come, first serve. Each board is a 1x4 structure with auto upgrades and re-entries. Only need to purchase 1 positions on Tiktok Board 1 and the rest will be taken care of. There is no income guaranteed, There are NO REFUNDS. Income potential is unlimited, it will depend on everyones effort to grow this business. Any questions, please contact us or view our faqs. Crypto, Cashapp and Debit/Credit are accepted.